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Read what one of our wholesale customers says about our book Foraging & Feasting: A Field Guide and Wild Food Cookbook!

I am the book Buyer for Campmor. We are a Camping Outfitter with a Retail Store in northern New Jersey (Paramus) and an online Storefront, www.campmor.com . A lot of books come across my desk. You might not be aware of this but recent technology and cultural changes have crippled the sales of printed books. So when a book arrived with a $40 retail price I was immediately skeptical. One of the hardest sells in this business is the relatively expensive coffee table type books. There are a number of reasons. They are big and expensive and I don’t think anybody has coffee tables anymore.

So when Dina and Wendy sent me a copy of their book, Foraging & Feasting - A Field Guide and Wild Food Cookbook, By Dina Falconi – Illustrated by Wendy Hollender, as I mentioned I was highly skeptical that Campmor could sell a book that was that pricey, not about camping and was seemingly limited in scope and appeal. Then I opened the book and was astonished to find one of the most stunningly attractive books that I have ever seen. After delving into the book it did not take me long to realize that I needed to sell this book. After all foraging is a time honored tradition and certainly is a skill that maybe necessary for survival at some point, and not to minimize the personal enjoyment and satisfaction you get from reaching down and snacking on some wild edible while on a leisurely stroll in the woods. I think knowing that you can eat your surroundings if necessary would give you confidence in a tough situation. Then as I began to look through the pages in detail the first thing that struck me was the exquisite detail of the illustrations. Their vibrant colors and lifelike renderings are astounding in their nuances and intricacy. Thank you, Wendy. Of course each plant is fully explained with Dina’s comprehensive knowledge of edible plants with simple and concise prose. Thank you Dina.

I thought the book was so well done that even if it was a Camping category stretch I would bring it in. I just felt that our customers would be able to see the beauty and craftsmanship that went into this wonderful volume. Well I did bring it in and I must say that sales have exceeded all expectations by quite a bit. Yes, customers recognize the quality and beauty of the book at once and seem eager to get one for themselves or give it as gift or both. I can’t keep them in stock. This is the book success story of the year.


Roger Williamson


Mahwah NJ November 2013